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Changes to Residential Tenancy Law - Minimum Security Levels

Written by: Rob Walker

Are you a landlord?  Are you aware that in 2013 changes were made to the Residential Tenancies Act 1987 and the Residential Tenancies Regulations 1989 regarding the minimum requirements for installation of locks and devices installed in rental premises to make them reasonably secure? As the deadline for compliance is approaching (1 July 2015), the Department of Commerce recently released a document (available here) which detailed the minimum levels of security required ( ... Read More

Como - Set to BOOM in 2015

Great news for anyone thinking about investing in Como.  Leading property market expert, John Lindeman, has released his article “Top Ten Suburbs Set To BOOM In 2015” around Australia and he has listed Como as his number 9 suburb.  Read more about what he has to say here. Perth Property Partners is excited to present this great opportunity for astute investors, introducing Iconic 8.  The Iconic 8 is an exclusive boutique apartment development compri ... Read More

Is the Inner City Apartment Rental Market Vacancy Rate a Concern for Investors?

Across Perth there are currently 5000 properties on the rental market which represents a 4% vacancy rate.  This is a 56% increase in the properties to rent since this time last year.  This increase in supply has resulted in rents dropping over the last 9 months.  We are experiencing a very different rental market to the tight market of 2012 when demand for inner city apartments outstripped supply and the vacancy rates were as low as 1.7%.  Over the last 12 ... Read More

Are apartments in oversupply in Perth?

Apartments comprised only 17.8% of all sales in Perth in 2013 and there has been much debate recently in regards to the sustainability of Perth’s Apartment construction boom. Housing approvals have reached the highest levels since 2006.  Both units and houses have shown strong growth over the recent growth cycle in Perth.  Capital gains since the last market trough in Perth show units have grown 14.8% and house values 14.2%.  Now the rental returns are on ... Read More

Are you a First homebuyer?

Will you feel the pinch as the stamp duty threshold is lowered?The first home buyer (FHB) transfer duty exemption will be adjusted to provide a full exemption on the purchase of an established home of $430,000 or less, down from the current threshold of $500,000. The concession will then phase out between $430,000 and $530,000 with duty assessed at the rate of $19.19 per $100 or part thereof up to $530,000 (down from the current $600,000).  This change is due to commence ... Read More

Caution Needed if Buying R40

The City of Stirling is attempting to restrict multi-residential development on R40 sites.  In recent times developers have been using plot ratio on R40 sites to construct 1 and 2 bed apartments on normal suburban lots.  As a result, prices on such sites have achieved strong growth.  If the proposal to restrict higher density apartments takes effect some investors may be restricted to villa or townhouse developments which will not be as viable.  The propos ... Read More

Investing for the long term – a timely reminder!

A recently published article from PR Data titled the “Pain & Gain Report” suggests of the 74,595 residential properties resold nationally in the last quarter of 2013, 9.7% recorded a gross loss from the original purchase price.The report illustrates the effects of the GFC.   The likelihood of making gross profit increases based on the length of time a property has been owned.  Of the homes purchased throughout Australia prior to 1 January 2008 a ... Read More

Wealth Creation

Many want to build a residential property portfolio; unfortunately most don’t get beyond owning their first home.Most days of my life are spent helping clients buy property in my role as a director of one of Western Australia’s most experienced buyer advocacy companies – Perth Property Partners.For the last decade I have been helping investors and home buyers make fully informed decisions about their property purchase.  Many wish they had entered the pr ... Read More